A2 - Impact Audience

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We truly believe that it is impossible to speak of audience development without accessibility.
Making culture spaces, programming and communication accessible to ALL AUDIENCES is part of our mission.
To be very clear about it: it doesn’t mean designing an offering which resonates with all people regardless of their sense of esthetics and taste. It means: not excluding anyone, especially because of one’s disability, age, level of education or any other reason.

Ensuring inclusivity by introducing various tools for accessibility is beneficial to ALL audiences (especially to non-goers, to new potential audiences) not “only” to audiences with various disabilities.

If you are interested in how it works, contact us! We will be happy to give you a short introduction to our A² concept and/or explore with you various tools for accessibility.
If you are interested in making your organisation, programme and communication accessible to all audiences we have a whole menu to choose from!

We can train you and your team in HOW TO:
  • organise culture events for ALL
  • design a multisensory experiences
  • prepare a pre-visit guide
  • use Plain language (PL) and Easy-to-Read Text (ETR)
  • make your documents accessible
  • write alternative texts and visual descriptions
  • create captions, subtitles and live captions for various content/event type
  • plan an inclusive cultural education programme
  • audio describe art
  • make your organisation and programming sensory friendly

We can also provide training focused on a specific art discipline i.e. theatre or dance performance, exhibition, concert no matter of the form: on-line, live, hybrid.
If you are struggling with developing the tools for accessibility we are here to help!

In some cases we can do it for you: packed, sealed, delivered and ready to use!
In other cases we can assist you but your involvement will be necessary (there might be a need for translation to your mother tongue and/or consultations with local self-advocates: nothing about us without us!).

We can develop/help you to develop e.g.:
  • ALT texts and descriptions
  • scripts for audio description
  • pre-vist guides
  • texts in ETR
  • check-lists for your events.

We can also check how accessible your organisation/event is and write you a set of recommendations on what and how to improve.
You wish to improve accessibility of programming and communication of your organisation?
Or maybe you wish all culture organisations in your city to become more accessible to different audiences?

We can design and conduct the whole process and final document for you. Including the accessibility check-lists to make sure that all actions meet the standards.
As you can see above, we can support you in opening-up to various audiences by making your organisation and programming more accessible in many different ways… but sometimes it is enough just to talk :)

We are practitioners so we do understand that making different events accessible to all audiences can be a struggle sometimes, various dilemmas may occur. So, if you need someone to talk to - we are one call or message away!