WHAT WE DO - Impact Audience

Impact Foundation is a pioneer in long-term training programmes for the culture professionals in the field of audience development. First programme of this kind, a year-long, was conducted in Warsaw in 2010 and after that other Polish cities (and regions) followed: Lublin, Łódź, Gdańsk (two-year long programmes). Every time, there was an open call published and afterwards 10-15 organisations were selected to participate in the programme.

Programmes consisted of a series of workshops, meetings and consultations with the focus on organisational change and stronger audience engagement.

Each and every programme was soundly evaluated, giving us guidelines for future progression. Based on this experience similar but dedicated and tailor-made programmes were designed and conducted for the European Capitals of Culture.

If you are interested in what we do and how we do it with the European Capitals of Culture go to the ECoC section of the website.

If you wish us to design a programme for culture professionals in your city contact us.
Our workshops cover a wide spectrum of subjects - from introduction to audience development, through strategic planning, audience segmentation and research, audience engagement, communication and making cultural spaces and programming accessible to all audiences (if you are curious about that go to A2 section of our website).

Our workshops are not only about knowledge, we also always aim to inject a positive energy and inspiration, we give a chance to change perspective. We share what we've got and create a space to learn from each other. Over the years we have developed our own workshop methods and formats which enable collaborative learning.

At this point, it is almost impossible to count how many workshops we have done... Hundreds, close to a thousand? We have lost count. 
Although it is not about quantity but about quality, the quantity gave us a chance to gain desired experience and knowledge.

But what has remained constant is - our curiosity, enthusiasm and proper preparation we dedicate to each and every workshop we lead. We always do our homework and try to respond to specific needs as best as we possibly can. So if you are interested in working with us just contact us and let us know what you are hoping for.
AUDIENCE.lab is a signature workshop of Impact Foundation.

AUDIENCE.lab was created to give culture professionals a chance to experience audience development principles live = in practice, in real time, with real people.

It is based on a three-stage scheme of work: DISCOVERING, DESIGNING, COMMUNICATING. Crowned by the thorough EVALUATION.

Over the past few years, this signature workshop has been successfully applied to different environments and branches (also outside the culture sector) and transformed from original two-day version into one-day, hybrid variation, both in physical space and in an on-line mode.


It goes beyond creating personas (you do not assume, do not project what you think of people into a persona template: who they are, what they need/want, what makes them happy, what upsets them etc.), you get to know real people and collect knowledge by asking questions.
Over the years we have also conducted a long-term processes focused on individual organisations and we are still conducting them.

We are assisting various organisations in strategy development based on values and dreams and placing audiences in the heart of everything they do. Those processes are supplemented by research, workshops and creation of tools. Always tailor-made but based on our previous experiences.

We are not listing any names here as our relationships are based on confidence. We can only say that we have worked with large organisations and institutions as well as tiny ones, both private and public, institutions representing all art disciplines, from big cities and tiny places.

If you are interested in starting the process of change, placing audiences in the heart of everything you do in your organisations you need to know that we are eager and happy to be part of it, but... There has to be a person or a team appointed to take responsibility for leading the process internally and to cooperate with us on a daily basis. We can not do it alone!
Audience research is a necessary element of the audience development process.

We help in planning and conducting the research. We are lucky to have worked with brilliant open-minded researchers. Very often, we go beyond “conventional” research methods: experiment and search for new tools. All that, not only to find answers but also to provide the best possible experience for participating in the research audiences.

Often we treat audience research as “all in one solution”: a tool for bringing the team members closer in designing and conducting the research together. This could be the method to start or strengthen the existing relationships with audiences and to create results useful in audience development planning.

We have published three books in Polish and one in English about audience development concept, tools, and good practices from Polish and Lithuanian organisations.

We have also published two issues of PURPOSE Magazine dedicated to audience development with articles written by independent journalists, experts and participants of the programmes that we have conducted. We are always happy to contribute to the publications of others.

Do you wish to have a look at our latest book? Here it is!
"The audience is the source of happiness. Audience Development in the context of European Capitals of Culture.".

And we will also do our best to keep our READING ROOM up-to-date and full of fresh materials!


Since 2014 Impact Foundation has been cooperating with the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University (Instytut Kultury Polskiej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego) running different teaching modules.

Lately, we have been teaching postgraduate students (at the Theater Pedagogy studies) about "Project Planning".

These lectures have been organised jointly by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute and the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University.

The main reason behind running these lectures (besides spreading the joy of audience development) is simple: every year, we have a chance to spend a whole semester with inspiring and dedicated professionals.