Impact Audience

hey! we are impact foundation
we believe in the power of art and that:
the audience is the source of happiness
we exist to support culture organizations in audience development processes, to reinforce and analyse audience engagement actions and inject good energy into their work.
yes, we work with:
audience development
which we understand and practice as:
an attitude and a process, which places the audience at the centre of the vision and actions of the entire organisation.
a² = audience development & accessibility
we help in designing programme and communication for ALL
keep calm and ECoC!
we mentor the European Capitals of Culture: cities applying for the title, selected and not selected.
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our latest book
Beyond Audience Development. Beyond European Capitals of Culture.
In this book, you will find a series of articles written by “family and friends” of Impact. Together we look at both audience development and European Capitals of Culture through different lenses and from different perspectives. We go beyond definitions, into a long-term process ...
work with us! if you wish to:
understand audience development in the context of your organisation
reach out to new audiences by designing programmes and communications accessible for ALL
the culture sector in your city flourish with or without the ECoC title