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Most of the art sector lost audiences and revenue streams. Bringing back audiences, developing new ones in current circumstances appears to be a hustle. The easiest way (and natural way for humans) would be to get back to (the previous) normal. Old p


We’ve finally done it! We have a new website. It took a while…
You know what we mean, don’t you? Creating a website is a very painful process. And it always takes longer than originally foreseen. In our case it was even longer. Let us explain (and explain ourselves…).

It was crucial for us to make our website as accessible as possible. Accessible meaning: according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. Being an NGO, a non-for-profit NGO and very rarely applying for grants and with basic digital skills (maybe worth adding), it was not an easy task.

Our first approach was: we can do it ourselves! How difficult can it be?
So we have tried and tried. We have used various platforms, we have bought a very beautiful and well certified WordPress template and… We have failed miserably. Many times.
In some cases the main problem was (earlier confessed) lack of digital skills. Other times, we were not satisfied with the level of accessibility of the available platforms.

So, finally we gave up and decided to invest in it and ask professionals to develop the website for us. After a few attempts, we have found just the right people! Those who not only have experience in making accessible websites but also were affordable and… very patient with us. Thank you so much fast4net!!! (And no, we did not get any discounts for that ;)

We are releasing this website as we can not wait any longer.
Accessibility (just like audience development) is a process so we are going to treat our website as an on-going project. We will be constantly working on it to make it better and better and we do hope that you will help us with it.
Please share with us your comments and ideas. We can take criticism. We really want this website to be accessible to as many interested in its content as possible.

Start browsing and let us know what we can do better!

Impact Foundation Team